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Living Light has the best staff any church could ask for. Their love for the work of the ministry is unparalleled. We are so thankful for ALL who serve here at Living Light Church of God. If you are looking to get involved at Living Light, find one of our knowledgeable staff and they will make sure you get connected with the right people in the right place. 

Our Staff:
Ryan and Holly Smith

Youth Directors

Larry & Shiela McGuff

Pastoral Care Ministers


Laura Gravlee
Jack Pair

Generation Gold

Russ & Mandy Robertson

Children's Directors

Harold & Jeanette Burton

Music  Ministers

Susan Willis


Melanie O'Rear & Susan Willis

Social Media

Hannah McLain

Sound Tech

Ryan Dunn, Cameron and Jamie Price

Multi Media

Jennifer Vick

Ladies Ministries

Billy Luster

Men's Ministries

Mike Gravlee, BJ Alexander, James Meadows, Kaiden Edwards

Broadcasting Team

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